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FCCU Revamp — Single Riser/Existing Reactor

Project Description

  • Client: 
    Technip Stone & Webster/HollyFrontier
  • Location: 
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

Technip was responsible for converting the existing East Plant FCCU regenerator/reactor system to a single regenerated catalyst standpipe (with new expansion joint and slide valve), new single wall external riser and new feed nozzles.  The goal of this project was to increase reactor feed rate to 26,000 BPD, improve efficiency of conversion, and avoid overcracking. 

The Benham scope of work included engineering and procurement services focused on the civil/structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation work associated with the upgrades. This encompassed all detailed engineering scope outside of the fabricated equipment, as well as an overall area plot plan, foundations and support structures for the new riser, electrical and instrumentation work. All tie-ins and re-routes of existing lines are included. Detail engineering work included field measurements and searching for drawings.

Key features:

 Site Investigation
 3D Model
 Piping Design/Stress Analysis
 Civil/Structural Design
 Mechanical Design
 Electrical Design
 Instrumentation Design

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