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Federal, state and local government contracts are “high priority” at Benham and have been for over 100 years.

We provide comprehensive planning, architecture and engineering design, DesignBuildSM project delivery and management consulting for today’s challenging and evolving requirements of our government agencies throughout the United States, Europe, the Atlantic and the Pacific Rim.

In addition to services provided to all branches of the Department of Defense, representative federal agency clients include the Department of Homeland Security, the National Guard Bureau, the Coast Guard, Department of Energy (DOE), National Parks Service (NPS), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), General Services Administration (GSA), and multiple state and city government entities across the country.

Benham understands and embraces the nature and nuances of contracting with all levels within the public sector. Our work reflects our profound understanding of the importance of fiscal-year and project budgets, the shortness of execution time allowed for insert projects, uncompromised quality requirements, strict responsiveness to user needs, best-value solutions, mandated procurement and execution procedures, integrated facility and personnel security, realizable sustainability goals, non-negotiable schedules and the inherent stewardship of taxpayer investments.

Our clients rely upon us to be responsive, technically expert and professional. Our success and our reputation depend on it.


The aviation and aerospace industries face unprecedented challenges today with wide-reaching effects on operations of airlines and airports, aerospace research and manufacturing, defense aviation and homeland security.

Benham has specialized experience not only in planning and design for a wide range of aircraft facilities and services supporting our global military presence, but also in the design of airport facilities for both airside and landside operations.

Our work has supported nearly every type of aircraft in the military inventory, including airlift, air refueling, fighter, Noble Eagle Alert Crews, helicopters, and unmanned air systems. Benham has provided relevant multi-discipline services as Prime A/E (including programming, plans, specifications, cost estimates, LEED, CID, AT/FP, and other services, all IAW UFC, UFGS, IBC, ARNG/ANG and other codes and standards) on over 50 Aircraft Hangars and Maintenance facilities in the last 5 years.

Benham has extensive experience with investigations, comparative analyses, engineering design, environmental assessments and cost estimation for basewide utility infrastructure systems to meet current and future requirements.

We have prepared Utilities Infrastructure Assessments and developed Utility Master Plans for Army, Air Force, Navy and National Guard installations to accommodate base expansions, relocations and technology advances for outdated systems. In conjunction with Base Master Plans, we plan and design infrastructure systems for the maximum flexibility, redundancy and energy reduction and for the least maintenance, interruptions and construction cost. Benham specializes in designing or upgrading these utility systems:

  • electrical
  • communication and telecommunication
  • water and wastewater
  • central steam and chilled water
  • natural gas
  • storm drainage
  • roadways

Benham’s DoD experience includes all types of facilities that support base operations day-to-day. In many ways, a military installation is a completely independent city or town, requiring many facilities and services to keep daily activities running smoothly.

We have provided planning, architecture, engineering design and services for new construction, as well as renovations, repairs and additions for base support. These facilities may include base entry control points, security police complexes, base supply and storage, base civil engineering, fire stations, health care, visitors centers, base theaters, drill halls, schools and youth centers, energy plants, physical fitness facilities, base recreational facilities, golf courses, pools, roads and parking.

Benham specializes in the design of mission-critical command and control facilities for the Department of Defense, providing conventional design services, as well as complete DesignBuildSM project delivery, utilizing in-house professionals in all design and construction disciplines.

Secure command headquarters and operations centers require design expertise in areas that are unique to this project type. We have a successful track record of delivering robust projects that incorporate advanced networking and display systems for communication and visualization. We design these advanced technology systems to meet the most stringent performance reliability goals, ensuring seamless critical operations 24 hours a day and, most importantly, during crisis response.

The Department of Defense knows that Benham is responsive, innovative and reliable, and that…

  • We deliver what we say.
  • We are experts in technology integration
  • We are committed to sustainable design practices.
  • We are leaders in understanding the unique aspects of mission-critical facilities and in the smart coordination of our design approach to such buildings.

Benham specializes in the planning and design of a variety of headquarters and administration facilities for the Army, Navy, Air Force and the National Guard. Several of our designs have established a new architectural image within an area that is master-planned for future development. In every case, we are responsive to base architectural compatibility standards.

Base headquarters and administration facilities often require robust communications systems and innovative visual presentation systems that provide reliable connectivity with other platforms external to the building. In this regard, Benham has a reputation for excellence in technology planning and for conceiving intelligent design solutions that result in seamless integration of advanced technology systems within the workspace. Benham has provided multi-discipline services as Prime A/E on over 70 Administrative/ Operations/Headquarters facilities.

Security protection and control, whether on a military installation, at a government facility or along our border, has never been more important!

From comprehensive security planning for an emergency operations center to the design of security force facilities, Benham is an expert. Our designs support all Homeland Security and anti-terrorism / force protection measures and requirements.

Benham has assisted our defense clients with AT/ FP planning, risk assessment and vulnerability analyses, comprehensive security planning and architecture and engineering design for all types of military facilities, base entry control points and perimeter security measures.

Our designs provide security forces with the essential facilities that are properly configured to provide protection for our military bases.

Maintenance and repair of essential ground vehicles, aircraft and heavy equipment are critical to a military base’s ability to carry out their mission and for day-to-day smooth operations.

Benham assists our military clients by designing practical, efficient, and multi-functional maintenance facilities, associated shops and laboratories. Our maintenance facilities are in harmony with other buildings on the base by ensuring compatibility of materials and architectural design. These facilities provide maintenance services for almost every type of equipment imaginable from rocket launchers to hover craft, jeeps to helicopters, lawn mowers to tanks.

An excellent example is the Advanced Metal Finishing Facility (AMFF) and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Facility at Robins AFB, for which Benham received numerous awards from the Design Build Institute of America.

Benham has developed a variety of designs for barracks and dormitories, as well as for alert crew living quarters. Some were designed to meet the specific project needs for a particular complex, while others have been developed as prototype designs.

Our Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH) complexes at Fort Bliss provide apartment-style housing for 4,800 enlisted personnel. Our AETC Student Dormitory campus at Keesler AFB includes seven 400-person dormitories and a dining facility. The Basic Combat Trainee Complex at Fort Leonard Wood consists of four Barracks/Company Operations Facilities (BCOF) and a Battalion Headquarters facility, each supporting 240 trainees and 20 training/admin staff. There are many living-quarters amenities as part of the new dorm designs – modern bedrooms, study and training areas, computer access, new dining halls, exercise areas, running tracks, parade / drill grounds, laundry, recreational facilities, shared kitchens, pavilions and plazas.

Additionally and through the military housing privatization program of the last decade, we provided 9,759 new residence and 3210 renovated homes on 20 DoD installations in 11 states and the District of Columbia. Benham has helped improve the quality of housing for our military families and enlisted personnel.

Excellence in training is a critical goal of the Department of Defense. Benham supports this initiative by designing and building modern teaching and education/training facilities for all military branches.

Key project type experience includes operational flight simulators for pilots and crew, weapons training ranges, battlefield simulator buildings and state-of-the-art interactive learning classrooms. Specifically, we have provided full A/E design services on over 118 training ranges in the last 5 years including: Combined Arms Collective Training Facilities, Urban Assault Courses, Live Fire Shoot Houses, Modified Record Fire Ranges, Convoy Live Fire Ranges, Qualification Training Ranges, and Multi-Purpose Machine Gun Ranges.

We have provided military installations with other important training facilities for fire and crash rescue training, medical training, cargo training and vehicle and aircraft maintenance training. Our training facilities incorporate cutting-edge data, video and advanced communication technology, integrated within an inspiring interiors environment.

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Our clients range from local, state and federal government agencies, to large and small private sector businesses who are striving to expand.

We embrace each client relationship, helping them reach their goals, delivering innovative, high quality performance. The goals, expectations and needs of our clients provide the foundation for every project we accomplish together.

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