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Benham Civil Infrastructure Market

Since 1909, Benham has been keeping pace with the evolving civil infrastructure needs in the American southwest, specializing in freeway/highway design, environmental/NEPA assistance, pavement assessment and design, utility relocation , hydraulics/hydrology, traffic and transportation planning and land surveying.

Over the past 10 years, we have completed design and construction support services for interstate/freeway corridor projects, state/US highway and local/municipal projects that included a combination of complex and typical design, rural and urban, two-lane and multi-lane highways featuring new construction, reconstruction, resurfacing, restoration, rehabilitation, and maintenance.

Benham staff has a large and varied resume in structural design of bridges, reinforced concrete box (RCB) structures, special culverts, retaining walls, sound walls, visual barrier walls, and other special structures. Our civil engineering and site design resume spans education, healthcare, municipal, federal, office, retail, industrial, residential, and recreation projects. Our in-house expertise allows us to serve as design consultants and master planners in the pre-development phases; as surveyors, engineers and technical advisors during the site development and permitting phases; and as our client’s representative during construction. We understand the challenges presented to local, state and federal agencies and help our clients navigate through the funding, regulatory and program management issues.


In the last decade, Benham staff has been responsible for more than 200 aviation related projects exceeding 9,000,000 SF of facility space and with a construction value in excess of $2.3 billion for the design of infrastructure projects at home and abroad.

Benham’s airfield experience includes designs for planning, feasibility, new construction, repair and renovation work on runways, airfields, pavements, parking aprons, taxiways, pavement rehabilitation, NAVAIDS and runway / taxiway lighting, utilities, perimeter roads, and access road improvements.

We routinely use the Pavement-Transportation Computer Assisted Structural Engineering (PCASE) software program for design and evaluation of transportation systems, including airfields, roads, and railroads at military and commercial facilities. Determination of pavement life (airfields/roadways), and required upgrades and repairs are critical to our client missions and training operations. Project applications include airfield pavement design, management and modeling; tank trail and hardstand design; pavement condition survey and rehabilitation design for installation roadways; and as a component of life cycle cost analysis of new and rehabilitation designs for roadways and airfield pavements.

Throughout our history, Benham has been an industry leader in the field of transportation infrastructure through projects to design, expand, build, maintain and modernize critical infrastructure locally, nationally and internationally. Our multi-discipline team has the knowledge and experience to guide projects from inception to construction completion. Our services range from studies and assessments to planning, design, and construction management of complex multi-million-dollar programs.

Roadway Design

Our roadway design team has extensive experience in designing a wide variety of projects including highways, turnpikes, freeways and interchanges, city streets, county roads and other rural/urban transportation facilities. Our roadway designers and technicians are dedicated to consistently exceed project goals and guidelines to provide our client’s and the citizens they serve a safe and efficient roadway network.

Structural/Bridge Design

A consistent leader in the design of bridges and other roadway structures, we are experts in design and analysis of new structures, as well as retrofit and rehabilitation designs, inspection and construction for a variety of bridges. In addition, we offer comprehensive bridge inspection services for bridges of all sizes. Our bridge engineers and certified inspectors utilize snoopers, manlifts, bucket trucks, rigging, and rope access to perform condition assessments, evaluations, and inspections and regularly perform scour assessments and load ratings for both on- and off-system bridges.

Renowned for detailed traffic and traffic planning services for state, local and federal clients, Benham provides a complete range of traffic engineering services and is continually researching new techniques to meet our clients’ needs as well as regulatory and policy changes that may impact project development. Our traffic planning services are designed to go prepare for future growth through effective utilization of existing infrastructure as well as roadway expansion and reconstruction to identify and resolve traffic related issues.

We offer a complete range of traffic engineering services including corridor studies, traffic operational and safety analyses, simulation modeling, alternative analysis, interchange justification reports, traffic impact studies and other traffic engineering design services including signal, lighting, signing/striping, construction sequencing and traffic control design.  Efficient work by our traffic engineers and transportation planners improves operational capacity of transportation networks and provide high quality service to all clients.

Through our experience and expertise in water and wastewater services, Benham staff is available to provide requisite engineering and program management for water and wastewater program phases from inception to project commissioning and beyond.

Our water/wastewater expertise includes feasibility studies, field studies, water and sewerage system modeling, inflow and infiltration studies, needs assessments, design criteria, engineering design and plans generation, contracting and construction administration. These expansive and detailed capabilities enable us to address diverse challenges our clients may face by evaluating solutions which integrate traditional and new technologies to meet or exceed program requirements.

We have extensive experience in water-related engineering studies including risk management, vulnerability, feasibility, treatability, distribution system modeling and regulatory compliance; conventional/advanced water treatment design, residuals handling, emergency power, telemetry/SCADA; transmission related systems such as raw water intake structures, pump station, transmission lines and distribution systems including water lines, pump stations, storage tanks, standpipes, towers and corrosion control.

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Our clients range from local, state and federal government agencies, to large and small private sector businesses who are striving to expand.

We embrace each client relationship, helping them reach their goals, delivering innovative, high quality performance. The goals, expectations and needs of our clients provide the foundation for every project we accomplish together.

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