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Operational Readiness Training Complex (ORTC)

Enlisted Barracks, Battalion Officers Quarters, Battalion Headquarters, Dining facility

Project Description

  • Client: 
    Oklahoma Army National Guard
  • Location: 
    Camp Gruber, Oklahoma

Benham is providing full A/E design services for this ORTC, a multi-building Training Facility located at Camp Gruber, Oklahoma to be used for weekend training 48 weekends per year and annual training eight weeks per year. 

Primary facilities total 140,870 SF and consist of:

Enlisted Barracks 76,966 total SF

  •  2 Barracks with capacity for a total of 512 personnel
  •  Each building has eight bays designed to house 32 soldiers
  •  Each Barracks has central storage, offices, laundry and showers

Battalion Officers Quarters is combined into one facility with Battalion Junior Officers Quarters – 29,324 total SF

  •  Designed to house 112 officers/senior personnel
  •  Each module consists of two semi-private rooms, each with a bathroom with shower/two closets
  •  Rooms can be assigned as single or double occupancy
  •  Centralized laundry, activity and vending on each floor

Dining Facility includes multi-purpose, common-use classroom – 20,404 total SF

  •  Cafeteria-style serving lines with capacity to serve 400 meals per day
  •  Seating for 208 personnel
  •  Dining area and Kitchen total 10,000 SF
  •  Multi-purpose Classrooms functions as three possible separated rooms, and total 3,200 SF

Additional facilities designed by Benham include:

Battalion Headquarters (11,900 SF) which provides operational space for battalion command, Supply/Ration Breakdown and Medical Aid Station, and SIPRNET and Communications Equipment rooms.  Protective Distribution Systems (PDS) is provided at all SIPRNET locations.

Training (2,400 SF) providing the indoor Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS) to support small arms fire training under a separate contract for Camp Gruber.

Supporting Facilities – include all site preparation, site utilities, storm water, MOV parking with maintenance shed and POV parking. The project site is designed to maximize occupant safety and security in accordance with minimum standoff distances along with limited and controlled vehicle access points.

LEED® – The Benham team designed the facilities to meet or exceed the requirements for LEED Silver V 2.2. , using high-efficiency equipment and integrated controls. Importantly, the integration of the air barrier design is a critical component required to comply with air leakage standard requirements and is a benefit to the Government in satisfying the Energy Conservation objectives.

LEED is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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