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Benham is now a Haskell Company

Benham career opportunities are combined with the Haskell job openings in the careers section of There you will be able to view all openings in the organization, as well as those specific to Benham. Just click on a job title and you will see a link titled Apply Now that can be utilized to submit your application online. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to contact us directly.

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Diversity & Inclusion
Benham is committed to fostering an atmosphere of respect for all people.

Diversity at Benham is a long-standing commitment to attracting and promoting the best talent in the design and construction sectors for the benefit of our clients. We enthusiastically share this philosophy with our parent Haskell. Learn more about personal and professional development at




About Benham

Our clients range from local, state and federal government agencies, to large and small private sector businesses who are striving to expand.

We embrace each client relationship, helping them reach their goals, delivering innovative, high quality performance. The goals, expectations and needs of our clients provide the foundation for every project we accomplish together.

Corporate Office

14000 Quail Springs Parkway
Suite 500
Oklahoma City, OK 73134