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Sulphur Forming and Transloading Facility

Project Description

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Recently, Benham was awarded  Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) for a sulphur forming and transloading facility in Canada.  The facility will receive liquid sulfur by truck from various suppliers and ship both solid prill or liquid sulphur by rail to the market.

Key features include: 

 Truck Unloading
 Liquid Sulphur Sump (300 MT)
 Liquid Sulphur Storage Tank (5000 MT)
 Liquid Sulphur Pumps and Piping
 Steam Boiler/Hot Oil System(s)
 Forming Unit Foundations
 Prill Conveyor Systems
-Loading/Loadout Hopper
-Inclined Loading
 Railcar Loading
 Vent Scrubber
 Facility Utilities
-Instrument/Plant Air
-Process Water

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