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Liquids Handling Upgrades/Compressor Station

Project Description

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    Confidential Client
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    Webb County, Texas

Benham was selected to design the expansion of the existing compressor station to permit the addition of three boost compressors, with provisions for three future compressors. Liquid handling equipment included inlet separator, dump skid, liquid finger skids, 3-phase separator, flash gas compression, gun barrel, hydrocarbon and salt water tank battery, complete with tank vapor recovery compression. Increased capacity required the addition of 3rd train, dehydration, and two post compression after-coolers with scrubbers. Three vent flares, with matching KO drums, and one blowdown silencer with KO drum, and 3 new blowdown flow ROs were added along with eight new sumps with pumps. The instrument and start gas system was converted to compressed air and included a start air skid (2x50BHP).

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