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Central Production Facility

Project Description

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    Confidential Client
  • Location: 
    West Texas

We were contracted to provide conceptual design, detail engineering, and environmental and procurement support for this crude oil central production facility (CPF) which processed 20,000 BOPD oil, 45,000 BWPD produced water, and 1.2 MMSCFD.  Due to fast track scheduling, equipment was specified and installed to allow early oil production, while the permanent facility equipment was being completed.

The facility consists of two trains of inlet separation, heater treating, degassing, 2 x 20,000 bbl API 650 crude oil storage tanks, vapor recovery compression, product pipeline pumps, 3 x 10,000 bbl LACT units and truck loading, as well as infrastructure such as flare, instrument air, water storage, slop tanks for off-spec re-run, power generation, etc.  Early production equipment consisted of multiple smaller storage tanks, product oil pumps and LACT units.

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